English corner


The name of the school is Széchenyi István Secondary School of Economics and I.T. The school was named after István Szechenyi, the famous Hungarian count, who lived in the 19th century.

It is a big yellow-coloured, two-storey building with a large park. The address of the school is 75 Táncsics Mihály Street, Komárom. In the school the number of students is 328. The number of classrooms is 15.

On the ground floor you can find the school libary, 6 classrooms and 4 I.T classrooms as well as the buffet, where you can buy sandwiches, pizza, tea, drinks and the basic articles needed for school work. There are the headmistress’ office, the secretarty’s office, the staff room and 5 classrooms on the second floor.

Academic overview

The school specialises in Economics and Infomation Technology. There is also a special class called YILL, which means “Year of Intensive Language Learning”. The Economics and IT courses last four years but if you choose the so called YILL, you will have an extra year dedicated to learning a foreign language.

The school prepares you for  the Matura examination at O and A levels, tertiary education or vocational training.
The most popular institutions our students choose to go on to are universities and colleges which provide training in business, IT or technology, but some of our former students have also chosen law, management, international admiristration, international studies, tourism and hospitality, trade,  health education and forestry.
Our school places very high emphasis on cherishing traditions and creating new ones.

Our current traditions are: freshers’ camp, trips to the United Kingdom and Transylvania, fall and Christmas classroom decorating contest, Advent attunement days, tea party with  craft workshop, school Christmas,  Day of Hungarian Culture, school recruitment days, Széchenyi day, mock examinations and students’ day.

The YILL programme

There is a special class in the school called YILL, which is NYEK in Hungarian. It stands for Year of Intensive Language Learning. The YILL programme started 10 years ago. There used to be a German class, too, but nowadays everybody is interested in English, so the German programme has ended.

The current YILL class has 18 English lessons a week taught by 5 teachers.

In our class there are 33 students, divided into two – an A2 and a B1 – groups, The students have to work hard both at school and at home making presentations, taking  oral or written tests, learning a lot of new words, etc. Every teacher covers a different curriculum, topic or skill, like grammar, writing, reading, speaking, listening, use of English and British culture.  At the end of the year, we may take an intermediate level language examination.

Every other year, Mrs Horsa organizes a trip to England. This year the students will go to Barnstaple in North-Devon. They will stay there for a week. During that time, they will see a lot of famous sights in England, like Canterbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, King Arthur’s Castle or some London landmarks like London Eye or the Tower of London. They will be put up with British host families and they will also have English lessons every day.

Authors: László Fábián, Erik Horváth, Bálint Árva